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  • STEP 1: Book your trip! Email us with any questions.

  • STEP 2: Book your flight to Marrakech. Shoot us an email, WhatsApp, or FB message and we’ll help you find the cheapest and most convenient options.

  • STEP 3: Meet us in Marrakech! Our guide will pick you up from the airport. Boom. You’re all set for a life changing experience in Northern Africa.

Join us for an unforgettable journey across magical Morocco, from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert and back. Full trip details below.


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Time for a new adventure! There truly is no experience comparable to trekking across the northern African nation of Morocco. The culture is absolutely wonderful, the landscape is more diverse than most countries on the planet, and you'll remember the people you meet during this journey for a lifetime.

This 6-day/5-night trip begins in Marrkech, and takes you across a breathtaking landscape to the Sahara desert and back. Visit the villages of the native Berbers, ancient Kasbahs, and the Valley of the Roses. See locations where Game of Thrones and multiple other films have been filmed. Drive along massive gorges and over the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains. Includes camel-trekking across the Merzouga sand dunes, partying like a nomad under the night sky, and sleeping under the stars in luxury tents deep in the Sahara.


  • 6 days and 5 nights in Morocco
  • 4 nights hotel accommodation
  • 1 night desert camping in comfortable luxury tents
  • Airport pick up/drop off in Marrakech
  • American trip leader from Frontera for entire duration of trip
  • Professional local guides and drivers
  • All transportation (private coach or minibus with A/C)
  • Hotels with A/C, internet, and all amenities
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners (except in Marrakesh)
  • Tour Berber nomad villages
  • Tour Berber argan oil cooperatives
  • Tour ancient monuments throughout trip
  • Tour through the Marrakech souk market
  • Visit the fortified city of Ait Ben Hadou (from Game of Thrones and other films)
  • Camel trekking to our desert camp
  • Desert guides
  • Berber style party in the desert (fire, drums, dancing)
  • Sandboarding on Merzouga dunes


  • ATV/quad and dune buggy rides in the Sahara
  • Traditional spa experience in Marrakech


  • Mystical Marrakech (the famous and bustling Red City)
  • Camel riding and sandboarding in the Sahara Desert
  • Desert camping in luxury tents under the stars (mattress/pillows/blankets + dining hall + running toilets + electricity + etc.)
  • High Atlas Mountains (longest mountain range in Africa)
  • Ancient nomad villages
  • Party with the Berber nomads (fire, drums, singing, dancing) in the Sahara
  • Experience an entirely new culture
  • Haggling in the souk markets
  • A one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experience
  • Optional 4-wheeling/dune buggying, spa experiencies, dinner shows, and more

+ COMPLETE itinerary

NOTE: Subject to minor changes/additions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the itinerary.

OFFICIAL ROUTE (in order):

  • Marrakech
  • High Atlas Mountains
  • Ourzazate
  • Valley of the Roses
  • Dades Gorge
  • Sahara Desert and Merzouga sand sea
  • Ait Ben Haddou
  • Marrakech

Tuesday April 16

  • Arrive to Marrakech airport and transfer to our Riad (hotel)
  • Visit Jemmaa el Fna square, the famous labrynthine souk market, and surrouning gardens and monuments (5min walking from hotel)
  • Explore Marrakech at your leisure

Wednesday April 17

  • Breakfast the hotel, depart from Marrakech
  • Pass through Tizi-n-Tishka road in High Atlas Mountains, the longest and most breathtaking range in Africa
  • Lunch in Ouararzazate/Taourirt Kasbah
  • Drive through the scenic Valley of the Roses and berber villages
  • Night in hotel in the beautiful Dades Gorge
  • Group dinner at the hotel
  • In the past, we've done drumming, singing, and hookah here as well!

Thursday April 18

  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Depart for the Sahara Desert
  • Arrive to Saharan oasis of Tafilaet, leave your things at our hotel in Merzouga
  • Camel trek across the Erg Chebbi sand dunes to our camp
  • Climb the highest dunes for breathtaking sunset photo op
  • Sandboarding/sunset, time to chill and take in the surroundings
  • Spend the night in comfortable Berber nomad tents, authentic drum music, party Moroccan style, and dinner
  • The camp has luxury tents with four beds to each tent, a functional toilet, and a large common area for our group dinner and partying

Friday April 19

  • Wake up and catch the sunrise (by far the best part of this trip!!)
  • Breakfast in camp
  • Camel trek back to the hotel to shower/rest/relax
  • OPTIONAL: Four-wheeling (quadding) and dune buggies in the Sahara (approx. 40 euro per person)
  • Begin our journey to Ait Ben Haddou through the largest valley in Morocco (Draa valley)
  • Ait Ben Haddou is inconic for its use in films such as Gladiator and Game of Thrones (it is the city of Yunkai)
  • Visit the largest Kasbah in Morocco
  • Night at hotel in Ait ben Haddou
  • Group dinner and chill time

Saturday April 20

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Journey back through the High Atlas mountains to Marrakech
  • Tour of central Marrakech
  • Free time to explore Jemmaa el Fna, the souk markets, museums, visit a traditional spa, etc.
  • Relax at the hotel/hotel pool/gardens/etc.
  • OPTIONAL: Check out a traditional Moroccan dinner and show (horses/guns/dancing/etc., approx. 40 euro)
  • Night out in Marrakech

Sunday April 21

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Visit Marrakech’s (“the Red City of Morocco”) most important sites
  • Transfer to Marrakech airport depending on your flight time (any time of day is doable)


We will be staying at a different location for each night of our trip. As availabilty fluctuates at these locations, we will know hotel names closer to the departure date. All hotels/riads (traditional Moroccan guest houses) will have modern amenities such as wifi, air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, comfortable common areas, etc.

+ Night 1 – Marrakech

• Riad Lallakhiti (or similar)

+ Night 2 – Dades Gorge

• Hotel Le Vieux Chateau

+ Night 3 – Merzouga

• Auberge du Sud
• We will leave our things at the hotel, and trek by camel to our campsite (luxury 4 person tents with beds, functioning toilet, large common area tent)

+ Night 4 – Ait ben Haddou


+ Night 5 – Marrakech

• Riad Lallakhiti (or similar)


Our desert accommodations will be luxury 4-person tents situated in the heart of the Merzouga sand sea. Each tent is furnished with beds and linens/blankets, rugs, and a light. The camp has a functioning toilet, and a large common area tent where we'll eat and party.

+ F.A.Q.


We suggest using airlines such as RyanAir, Vueling, and EasyJet. Sites like eDreams and Skyscanner are also a huge help in finding discount flights. BOOK AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE -- flight prices during this week will get expensive as the departure date approaches.
Do not hesitate to contact us about helping you book your flight!


The trip will begin and end at the Marrakech aiport. While we can provide transfers at any time throughout the day, you should try to arrive during the day on Thursday March 22 and depart during the evening on Tuesday March 27 if possible.


This trip will take us across an incredibly varied landscape from the city, to the mountains, to the desert and back. The weather will be very warm in Marrakech and during the day in most locations. However, in the Dades Gorge, Atlas Mountains, and at night in the Sahara, temperatures will be very chilly and you will certainly need long pants and a warm jacket.


We will be doing A LOT of travel by bus throughout the duration of this trip. Be prepared with books, music, or similar entertainment. We recommend bringing biodramina (dramamine) or similar sleep aids and motion sickness medicine.


Morocco is overall a VERY safe country, and far more progressive than many people may think. As it is a country with a high volume of tourists, "revealing" clothing is not of particular concern. As with all new locations you may visit though, it is important to keep an eye on your valuables and be aware of your surroundings. We encourage you to explore Marrakech and each location we visit as you see fit, and you are always more than welcome to remain with the trip leader and local guides for the trip at any time. We're here for you!


The currency here is the Moroccan dirham, and 1 euro is equal to about 11 dirham. As almost everything is included on the trip and things in Morocco are cheap, only bring as much as you'd like to spend on keepsakes, food (lunches throughout the trip, dinners in Marrakech), drinks, and additional activities. On average, most people take the equivalent of 100-200 euro for gifts/drinks/food, and ATMs are avaialable in Marrakech. Optional activities (4-wheeling, traditional spa experience, traditional dinner show) all run around 40 euro each. Be advised that while things are cheap, costs can add up if you're not careful! Spend as much as you see fit. :)
We advise changing currency at your personal bank, which you will likely need to request in advance (especially for Spanish banks). If you don't have a bank in Europe, you can easily exchange money in the Marrakech airport, or search for an exchange shop with the lowest rates in your home city. There will also be ATMs available in central Marrakech.
Most meals are included in this trip (except for lunches throughout the trip and dinners in Marrakech). You can eat very well for 5-10 euro at the most per meal, and we are more than happy to show you our favorite local joints in Marrakech.


Alcohol is not included in the price of your trip. However, beers are avaialble at many places, such as hotels and nightclubs in Marrakech. We typically make a quick stop as a group for alcoholic drinks (beer/wine/spirits) before and after going into the Sahara Desert. Prices for alcohol are similar to western European countries (e.g. 15-20 euro for bottles of liquor).
Don't forget to sample some Berber "whiskey" (traditional mint tea loaded with sugar) as well! ;)


Meals are included in the price of your trip. Every breakfast, and every dinner except for in Marrakech. Lunches are not included.


As foreigners to this country we are not accustomed to various bacteria in the drinking water. At the risk of becoming ill, you should only drink bottled water, even for brushing your teeth. Get your drinks without ice. Showering/bathing/washing hands is obviously fine, but don't swallow water from the tap. Bottled only, which can usually be bought for less than 1 euro per 1.5L bottle.


The trip officially begins Thursday, March 22, at the Marrakech airport. We can arrange individual airport pickup at any time throughout the day, although we recommend arriving earlier in the day so as to have more time to enjoy Marrakech. As we leave Marrakech on Friday morning, you must arrive on Thursday!
Flights can get VERY expensive if you don't book early, due to high volume of travel during our trip dates. Take a look at airlines such as RYANAIR, VUELING, ROYAL AIR MAROC, and search engines such as EDREAMS and SKYSCANNER. Additionally, we are more than happy to assist with your flight logistics! Use the contact form on this page and reach out to us. :)
For your departure from Morocco (the trip begins and ends in Marrakech), we recommend searching for flights on the evening of Tuesday, March 27. As with arrivals, we can arrange airport transfer at any time throughout the day/night.


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