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  • STEP 1: Book your trip! Full details below. Email us with any questions.

  • STEP 2: Meet us at the official check-in/pregame in Barcelona.

  • STEP 3: Become a Carnaval legend.

Join us for CARNAVAL, the wildest damn festival of the year. We’ll provide the buses and the booze, all you’ve gotta do is show up!

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Located just one hour away from bustling Barcelona, Sitges is often referred to as the “St. Tropez of Spain” or the “miniature Ibiza.” This seaside tourist town boasts beautiful beaches, high quality cuisine, and is the Carnaval capital of Spain.

For over a century, Sitges has been THE place to party for Spanish Carnaval. The streets are quite literally filled with tens of thousands of locals, traveling Spaniards, and tourists alike joining in on the revelry! Culminating in one final fiesta after a week full of debauchery, the closing parade in Sitges is a must-see for any study abroad student’s bucket list.

This party is sure to be a highlight of your experience abroad, and we’re dedicated to helping you make the most out of it. As huge crowds can make traveling by train a headache, we’ve chartered private buses to provide safe and efficient transportation from Barcelona to Sitges and back.

Frontera will be hosting an exclusive pregame in Barcelona, and once we arrive in Sitges we’ll provide drinks and show you the best place to experience the parade as well as the prime party spots for Carnaval.

+ what's included?

  • Exclusive official pregame + welcome drink in BARCELONA
  • Easy and comfortable round trip transporation via private buses
  • Personal 1.5L bottle of sangria upon arrival in SITGES
  • Trip leaders/guides
  • Full trip prep/pre-departure info


  • MARDI GRAS/FAT TUESDAY, Spanish style
  • Easy round trip transportation via private charter bus
  • Welcome drink + specials + DJ set at the pregame in Barcelona
  • Experience Spain's wildest festival on it's best and final night
  • Dance in the streets, bars, and beaches of Sitges
  • Massive parade and street festival in Sitges


+ 5:30 PM – Doors open. Check-in and official pregame in Barcelona. Welcome drink for everyone!

+ 8:00 PM – Board the buses and departure for Sitges. Buses are first come first serve, and travel time is just under an hour. Please be aware as we are a large group with a large fleet of buses, departure may take longer depending on which bus you ride with. Each bus will depart as soon as it is full. Don't worry -- we're all going to the same place!

+ Arrive to Sitges and head to the festivities. One liter of sangria for everyone!

+ 10:00 pm till late – Rua de l’Extermini (Closing Parade/Fiesta). Mardi Gras, Spanish style! Drink and dance with thousands of partygoers in the streets of Sitges.

+ 1:00 am – First bus will depart for Barcelona. Buses are first come/first serve for the return journery from Sitges to Barcelona, and each bus will leave once it is full (except the final bus, which will wait until 3am).

+ 3:00am – Final bus will depart for Barcelona. Each bus will stop in Plaça Catalunya. If you miss the final bus, you'll have to find your own way home (or stay in Sitges and see where the party takes you)!

+ F.A.Q.



Our pregame is a definite highlight of the trip. Located at a central Barcelona nightclub, the party starts here with a free welcome drink, cheap cash bar, and a DJ set to set the scene for a night full of Spanish-style debauchery. Only those who have purchased the trip with us will be permitted to enter -- no execeptions! Everyone will receive a welcome drink and their official trip bracelets at check-in. Buses will depart from the pregame directly to Sitges.


The bus ride will take approximately one hour, and buses are first come first serve. We'll announce when we'll begin to fill buses in the pregame. Please be aware that boarding buses and departure may take some time, as we have a large fleet of buses and each one will depart as soon as it is full. Please be respectful of our wonderful drivers, do not take any glass/drinks on the bus, and do not leave anything behind when we arrive to Sitges (especially trash!) as you may take a different bus home. Again, buses are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.


Our drop-off point is right in the middle of the action, just a few minutes walk from the beach/main parade route/nightlife center of Sitges. Our guides will distribute your sangria upon arrival to Sitges, and then show you the way to the party.


There will be tens of thousands of partygoers filling the streets of Sitges. Be prepared for a wild night! There truly is no crazier or happier night of the year and you'll soon find out why. The city comes alive for one final night of Carnaval and the party doesn't stop until the sun comes up. Party hard, pace yourselves, and please drink (as) responsibly (as possible)!


Guides will be waiting at the dropoff/pickup point from 12:45am on. The first bus will depart from Sitges for Barcelona at 1:00 A.M. The final bus will depart at 3:00 A.M. Buses for the return journey are first come/first serve. We will send each bus as soon as it is full (except for the final bus, which will depart at 3 A.M.). You must have your Frontera trip wristband in order to board, no exceptions.
If you intend to return to Barcelona with us, PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. The final bus will depart at 3 AM sharp, no exceptions. If you wish to party all night in Sitges (full support, dude, you do you!), you will need to take the train or a taxi back to Barcelona. If you miss the 3AM bus, you WILL need to find your own way back home.


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